Mark J. Miller

Captain Greg Moon and I fished in some of the worst conditions possible for bull reds (e.g., windy, cold, water temps hovering on either side of 40!). Nonetheless, because of his determination, effort and expertise, I was able to land double-digit reds and a trophy bull red flirting with 30 pounds. It simply gets no better than watching a top professional working hard at his craft. So, here is the deal: IF you are looking for a guide who is incredibly knowledgeable about the world of fly fishing and the Louisiana marsh in particular, THEN Captain Moon is your guide. IF you want a guide who is patient, instructive, interesting, and one who absolutely excels at locating and spotting fish and showing you where exactly to place your fly THEN Captain Moon is the man. IF you want to have “the time of your life” hunting and fishing bull reds and getting a fantastic photo of your fish in the process THEN Captain Greg is the guy. Period!