Salt water fly fishing in Louisiana is an experience like no other. From enormous redfish to vast fishable territories, you’re about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime. During your salt water fly fishing excursion, you’ll explore the Biloxi Marsh and other rich fishing areas in search of redfishblack drumSheepshead, and jack crevalle. Aboard an East Cape Canoe Fury, you’ll skim through the shallow waters in search of these stealthy giants. The shallow gin clear water makes for thrilling sight fishing possible as their backs emerge from the water’s surface while they are feeding on crabs, shrimp and mullet. Sight casting to huge Bull Reds is especially rewarding during the fall and winter months, as these giants generally float along the surface of Louisiana’s crystal clear, shallow water. If you’re serious about salt water fly fishing, there’s nothing like Louisiana. Fly fishing here can land you with bull reds in excess of 40 pounds. As a result, the Louisiana marshland is the “go to” place for trophy Redfish.


Louisiana’s temperate climate and shallow waterways make it excellent for year round salt water fly fishing. While redfish are the primary catch, it is not uncommon to wrestle in trophy trout and black drum fish up to 70 pounds. Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters offers numerous salt water fly fishing excursions in the Biloxi Marsh. This beautiful waterway is situated on the northeastern shoreline of Louisiana and offers an exciting day on the water for even the most seasoned angler. In addition to this outstanding location, Louisiana boasts hundreds of miles of wandering waterways with abundant feeding grounds and gigantic redfish. Come experience every fly fisherman’s dream with a salt water fly fishing charter.


Fly fishing for redfish in Louisiana will test your skills. Full of intense battles and enormous fish, you’ll experience the best salt water fly fishing Louisiana has to offer. Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters is ready to put you on the fish.  Our experienced captain, Greg Moon, will gladly trade fly fishing tips that will help make your salt water fly fishing excursion a success. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a fly fishing newbie, we invite you to join us on a salt water fly fishing adventure. Contact us today to book your trip



This marsh pairs excellent fishing territory with Mother Nature’s beauty. Biloxi Marsh is no exception to that with its exceptional fishing spots. Full of a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife, Biloxi Marsh provides Louisiana fly fishing anglers an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds that can only be enjoyed here.


As professional fishing guides, Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters knows how important having the right equipment is to successful fly fishing. That is why, we chose the East Cape Fury Skiff. This agile, well-equipped skiff offers great amenities that will enhance your fly fishing experience. With outstanding performance and exceptional features, you’ll spend the day fishing with the best.


Fly fishing in salt water is a thrill like no other especially when you are sight casting for record breaking bull redfish in Louisiana. If you’re an avid angler, you know that salt water fly fishing takes skill and patience. As you skim through the water on a well-equipped skiff, your only goal is to sight the copper back of an enormous bull red. Then the adrenaline rush begins.


Fly fishing for redfish in Louisiana isn’t for the faint of heart. During the Fall and Winter months, Louisiana is home to enormous Bull Reds. Anglers have been known to bring home redfish in excess of 40 pounds in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou. Here at Louisiana Fly Fishing Charters, we’ll take you on the adventure of a lifetime tailing these massive beasts until the time is right and then test your angling skills as you wrestle in your trophy catch.

Captain's Report

Fall 2018
Fall 2018

Well we are closing out our Fall 2018 and the fishing has been tough this year with all the weather. However we have been catching big fish daily with some amazing clients. Thanks and congrats to all the clients and friends that have spent the days with us. I appreciate all of you!

Capt. Greg Moon

Summer is on fire!
Summer is on fire!

The Summer is here and the fishing is on fire! Its my favorite time of the year for sure. Lots of big redfish around and the jacks are showing up in huge numbers. That means its time for top water action!

Fall 2016
Fall 2016

We have had an incredible fall this year. Looking forward to the winter season. Congrats to all that have fulfilled their dreams with a monster red!


Greg Moon is a fishing machine that posses the extraordinary ability to find fish and put you on them (even during the toughest conditions). This guy can find fish! One of his greatest qualities is that he makes you feel like you are with one of your life long fishing buddies while simultaneously being an absolute professional fly fishing guide. You will laugh, learn and have an amazing time catching fish with Greg Moon. An hour into my first day of fishing with him, I was already planning and booking my next trip with him.


If you want a shot at catching big redfish and Jacks on a fly, you better drop what you’re doing and get ahold of Captain Greg right now! My S/O JJ and I just got back from a day on the water with Greg, and the photos of a 38 pounder sitting in my lap should be on the website soon! Honestly folks, it really doesn’t get any better than this! Thanks again Greg and we will be fishing together again soon! Garrett.

Garrett Erickson